When we were in high school, we used to have Danzig and Metallica, Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin tapestries hanging on our walls. Six years ago we realized that there was nothing like that for the hardcore, indie and punk bands that we liked. So, we started making them. Then we decided to make them for other people. PUNK FLAGS was born!


So what do we make?  Cloth banners with grommets in each corner for easy wall hanging! Each one comes individually folded down to 9"x12" and is packaged in a cellophane bag. You can fit over 250 of them in a standard 72 count shirt box. They weigh almost nothing and can be tossed around in the back of the van. 


Our standard sizes are 46"x46" and 36"x60".  They're BIG!  We've found pretty much every design can fit on one or the other, but if you need a custom size, no problem let us know!


As for quantity, we can do ANY AMOUNT! There are price breaks according to how many you order, and of course, the more you order, the better per piece deal we can offer.  We've had a lot of success with smaller and mid sized bands selling anywhere from 250 - 1,000 on a run, as long as they are on the road. They can cost roughly the same as a premium t-shirt, and retail for $20. Based on qty, you can break even after selling about 1/3 of your order, and triple your money when you sell them all. By far one of the most profitable and easy to manage merch items that we've dealt with!


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